Reveal your shaman powers

Reveal your shaman powers

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Filled with powerful secrets, shamanism is sacred knowledge inherited from our ancestors. It is a wisdom connected to the energies of the Universe, a means of healing in connection with nature as much as a gateway to invisible worlds.

In this book, the author reveals the true power of medicine men and women.

Thanks to simple and effective rituals to connect with the Spirits, you will learn how to create your altar, the art of fumigation, the exploration of the Akashic records, the cleansing of negative energies, the fundamental principles of the medicine wheel or even meet your power animal.

Tools adapted to our daily lives to reconnect you with your unconscious forces.

These valuable lessons, accessible to all, will allow you to regain power over yourself, reconnect with health and inner well-being. They will guide you on the path to a more authentic and fulfilled life.

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