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Oracle Ge

Oracle Ge

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When Gérard Barbier created L'Oracle Gé, it was an immediate and justified success. Indeed, the originality of this divinatory game is that it can date the predictions using the seasonal blades. In addition, eight specific blades, representing characters, allow the interpretation to be refined.

These cards, with their simple and eloquent graphics, constitute a wonderful mediator between the invisible and you. You will be able to take a complete look at your present situation, visualize your near future and undertake projects with full knowledge of the facts, directing your efforts towards a better life by better channeling your energies.

In the book, written by Gérard Barbier himself, you will discover perfectly clear instructions for carrying out dated and detailed clairvoyances and getting the most out of this oracle.

In addition to the symbolic meaning of each blade, the author offers several drawing methods: numerological, cosmic number, cross, astrological, six and sixteen blades.

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