Oracle of the Triad
Oracle of the Triad

Oracle of the Triad

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Dominike DUPLAA, passionate about calligraphy, created this original game which deliberately stands out from traditional tarots and oracles, as much by its graphics as by its symbolism and its analogies, borrowed from Greco-Roman mythology, Christianity, Judaism, kabbalah, freemasonry, alchemy, astrology and numerology. Thus are brought together the beliefs and philosophies which have developed, through the ages, around the Mediterranean basin, in Greece, Persia, Egypt and the Middle East. This extensive research and creation work makes Triad Oracle a game without equal.


57 blades in four-color + gold.

Brief explanatory booklet of 32 pages in French and English.

Cellophane cardboard bell box.

Size: 8 x 13 x 2.5 cm.

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