Essential Oil 10ml - Eucalyptus

Essential Oil 10ml - Eucalyptus

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Latin name: Eucalyptus Globulus.

Part of the plant used: Leaves and twigs

Origin : China.

Extraction method: Steam distillation.

Eucalyptus essential oil is said to be antibacterial, disinfectant and analgesic. It has been used to relieve coughs, colds and other similar respiratory conditions. It soothes muscle and joint pain and helps heal wounds, burns, ulcers and insect bites. Aromatherapy eucalyptus is said to promote activity, vitality and energy.    

For respiratory disorders, a few drops of this oil placed on a cloth can be inhaled through the mouth and exhaled through the nose for half a minute. Add a few drops to your bath water to feel invigorated and refreshed. Soak your aching feet in a pool of lukewarm water with 4-5 drops of this oil to soothe them. A few drops of oil in a diffuser are said to kill airborne germs and bacteria, a good idea for a sick room. Eucalyptus essential oil is for external use only; always consult a licensed practitioner when using it as a health remedy.

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