Green Abalone Shell Haliotis Fulgens

Green Abalone Shell Haliotis Fulgens

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This shell , reddish brown on the outside, with a beautiful pearly sheen on the inside, is suitable for burning incense, white sage clumps and smudges. Ideal for ceremonies and rituals. ritual or to energetically cleanse a house or other space. Natural holes in the hull provide air supply.

Note: This is a natural product, variations in size and color are normal, as well as "imperfections" around the edges and surface. Algae deposits can be brushed off under the tap. They are sorted by size; the weight mentioned is purely indicative. 

Warning: Use incense only on a fireproof base. Never leave incense sticks smoking unattended. Ventilate the rooms. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Size : 12/16 cm

Product weight : between 60 and 125 gr

Total weight : 150g

Packaging : cardboard box

Origin : Mexico

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