Tibetan Nirmala Singing Bowl Size 29
Tibetan Nirmala Singing Bowl Size 29

Tibetan Nirmala Singing Bowl Size 29

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Size 29cm

Weight: 2.2 kg

The process of hammering singing bowls is completely done by hand.

Each singing bowl is hammered following a series of procedures that will give the bowl the perfect shape.

The molten metal is poured into a mold to obtain a metal disk of the desired size and thickness. At this stage, the metal disk is modeled after being weighed and measured very precisely and then is classified according to the type of bowl to come.

As for the actual hammering process, 4 or 5 discs are stacked on top of each other and then heated until they become incandescent.

The formed disc of glowing metal is then hammered by skilled craftsmen until the metal is no longer hot; then it is heated again and hammered again.

These two operations, heating and hammering, continue until the desired shape and size is obtained (which explains why hammered singing bowls can have differences of a few centimeters from each other).

When pounding bowls, the metal disk should be beaten while it is still hot, because it is more flexible.

Once cooled, in fact, the metal loses its flexibility and becomes more and more fragile, thus risking cracks that would occur if it is hit.

After obtaining the desired shape, the stages of manufacturing the bowl itself begin.

Each bowl is brought to the desired shape and size, repeating the heating and hammering phase if necessary.

Once the desired shape and size is achieved, the bowl is hammered to perfection.

The individual bowls are then chiseled and finished inside and out.

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