Orgonite Cone - Lapis Flower of Life - Hanging Quartz - 90 mm

Orgonite Cone - Lapis Flower of Life - Hanging Quartz - 90 mm

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This unique orgonite is distinguished by its elegant cone shape which measures 9 cm. The insertion of precious pieces of Lapis Lazuli is what first piques our curiosity - these intensely blue stones are known for their ability to encourage clarity of mind and truth, offering powerful radiance and unparalleled tranquility. Embedded throughout the Lapis stones, you will discover quartz inclusions, an energy amplifier and acting as a deep soul cleanser.

The centerpiece is a delicate Flower of Life, a sacred symbol of the universe and its harmonious order. It retains a continuous flow of positive energy, reinforcing the properties of the stones around it. Orgonite was designed with the intention of creating a healthy energy field, bringing balance and harmony to its surroundings.

With its intricate and careful design, this cone-shaped orgonite will not only bring a serene ambiance, it will also be an attractive addition to any living or working space. Each piece is unique, reflecting not only the natural beauty of the stones it contains, but also the attention paid to every detail in its creation.

Origin India

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