Dowsing wand (pair) brass

Dowsing wand (pair) brass

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Dowsing wands are an instrument used by a trained dowser that can locate pits, metals, gemstones or other objects beneath the earth's surface or can sense energetic interference in your home for example.

Brass dowsing wands, with mango wood handles.

Although dowsing rods can be used to get the traditional answers from a pendulum (yes/no/maybe), they are primarily used for:

- the search for water, minerals and geopathic stress lines
- search for lost items
- measurement of people's aura and individual chakra

Maintaining and balancing the rods - The Position

Hold the rods firmly but not too tightly, with your index finger down about 2cm from the top of the handles. With a rod in each hand and arms bent 90 degrees, hold the rods pointing away from your body and parallel to the floor. You may find it easier to stabilize the rods if you bring your arms closer to your body, elbows at your waist.

Determining your “found” location

To determine your position, you need to decide whether you want the rods to cross (form an X) or open wide (form a horizontal line) on the found item. Either method works, as long as you figure out what you want before you start. After determining your “found” location, you are ready to go.

Dimensions : 40x11cm 

Total weight : 145g

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