3 Wisdom Monkeys

3 Wisdom Monkeys

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3 Wisdom Monkeys

Black resin

size of each statuette: 5.50 x 4 x 7 cm

Made in India

The 3 wise monkeys, also known as "The Three Wise Monkeys" or "The Three Little Monkeys", are a traditional pictorial representation of Asian origin. Each monkey covers a different part of its face with its hands: the first the eyes, the second the mouth, and the third the ears. Their names are Mizaru, who sees nothing, Kikazaru, who hears nothing, and Iwazaru, who says nothing.

These monkeys are often used to represent a popular philosophical maxim: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." The idea is that if we only hear, see, and speak evil, we distance ourselves from humans who can only see evil, hear only evil, speak only evil, we will live a life of peace.

Inspired by the Buddhist concept of the three poisons of the mind (hate, desire and ignorance), these monkeys invite wisdom, to control one's thoughts, words and actions, in order to promote well-being and Inner Peace.

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